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Editing Submission Guidelines & Process


Step 1. After selecting the editing services, you require. Submit the documents for editing, be sure to include your contact information and the deadline you need us to complete the edit by.

Submit 3-5 pages of your manuscript. The manuscript should be in Microsoft Word format.

Step 2. We Review you Submission.

We will begin the review process of your submission and contact you if we have any questions or with the scheduled the completion date for your free sample.

Step 3. Within 10 business days, you will receive your sample edit, a quote & author agreement for review.

Make your Initial Payment

Upon your approval of the quote and author agreement, we’ll request your 30% down-payment to secure the start date, and work will begin on your project as scheduled. The remaining balance will be divided among the number of project phases (pages edited) that we set in the agreement.

Step 4: Editing begins immediately after receiving your payment.

Step 5: Once we’ve finished editing your manuscript, we will send you two versions of your document.

First version: A clean, edited copy that is ready for print, publishing, or submission.

Second version: A “tracked changes” copy of your document, which utilizes the ‘Track Changes’ function in Microsoft Word and highlights the changes the editor made to your manuscript. This will enable you to see all word insertions, deletions, and modifications made to your document.

After reviewing your document, approve your project to close your order.

Step 6: In most cases, our clients are very pleased with our first work.  However, we are happy to revise or clarify any areas of our editing. If after reviewing you’re the changes you still would like a revision we would be happy to do so.

FREE Revisions if Required


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