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Why getting a professional editor is important?

Manuscripts riddled with error in grammar and punctuation can lead to bad reviews and rejection from publishers until corrected. It is best to submit and print your best work to the world.

Proofreading / Copy editing

Proofreading also known as Copy editing consists of reading a document to find technical errors and mark corrections $1.75 per page. This service entails checking your spelling, grammar, punctuation, and subject-verb agreement. The (Chicago Manual of Style is used unless otherwise specified.) This service is an excellent resource used by confident, experienced writers that require a second set of eyes for tweaking before submission or publishing.

Line Editing

Line editing assesses accuracy in word phrasing, and Ensuring clarity of your writing $2.00 per page. This service includes comments and feedback regarding writing style, flow of the presentation and my initial impression. Rewrite sentences, when necessary, review the plot and character for consistency in both fiction and non-fiction. Correct errors in grammar and punctuation, correct minor errors in syntax, query phrases and word choices deemed inappropriate for the subject matter or readership. This service may be combined with proofreading.

Content Editing

Content editing reviews the plot/character elements for consistency in fiction/non-fiction works $2.75 per page. Editor reviews a draft marking recommended edits, sends it to the writer to make changes, and review the changes the writer accepted to make sure they were made correctly. Correct errors in syntax in regard to sentence structure, suggest the author change the sentence structure in order to preserve the intended meaning, alter phrases and word choices deemed inappropriate for the subject matter or readership, preserve plot line, character traits, and consistency throughout. Flag minor instances where the material strays from the intended purpose.  Maintain development documents to maintain plot line and character traits in fiction titles. Review writing for style and clarity. If this is required, a heavy substantive edit is more appropriate. Content editing may be combined with a final proofread after changes were made.

Professional Editing

Professional editor that specialize in Novel Editing, Fiction Editing, Non-Fiction Editing, First Time Author, Christian Editing and

Urban Fiction Editing. Highly professional editor with more than two decades of experience.

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